Come Together Kick-off 2023

Today we would like to share with you a new series of events at ibc AG.

On the one hand, we enjoy the many advantages that mobile working has to offer.
On the other hand, we also miss the short chats across the desk or waiting in line together at the coffee machine.
We live in different places in Germany and the Netherlands, work on different projects and for different clients – so it is sometimes difficult to even find a time to meet.
This makes the collegial relationships even more important, which should be strengthened despite the physical separation.
At ibc AG, we introduced “virtual coffee breaks” some time ago – once a month, if the customer’s assignment or other appointments allow it, we try to talk with a hot coffee or tea and have a short video chat all together.

In 2023, we are now going one step further and have launched “Come Together” evenings.
The first event was a social get-together in a restaurant at Aachen and / or Hamburg. We were out together in the metropolitan cities last friday and the friday before, and were finally able to talk to each other again in life-size and of course had a lot to tell each other.
It was a successful start, even if some cancellations due to illness in Aachen unfortunately reduced the size of our group.

In Hamburg (left) we enjoyed a vegetarian-vegan dinner and in Aachen we had totally tasty soul food. Delicious!

We are already busy collecting ideas for our next Come Together evenings. Climbing? Cooking class? Escape room? Let’s be surprised…
One thing is for sure, we are already looking forward to the next meetings!

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