Come Together

this is the motto under which our colleagues usually meet once a quarter at the Aachen and Hamburg offices to exchange ideas, see each other in person and spend a nice evening together.

In Hamburg, we started our “Come Together” series 2024 with a visit to the Museum of Illusions. The illusions reminded us once again that we should look at reality – or what we think this is – from a different perspective, there were brief explanations of the respective mechanisms of action. We had a lot of fun with light effects, sensory illusions and little mysteries. We were amazed and had to put a lot of mental effort into solving some of the quizzes.

However, so many brain twisters made us thirsty and hungry, our table reservation in the restaurant was still a little while away and we allowed ourselves a little break in what felt like the smallest pub in Hamburg. Afterwards, we were able to fortify ourselves in a Breton restaurant, where we enjoyed delicious galettes with classic cider.

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