A small move for big growth – “We need more space!”

Two years ago Corona showed up and we all had to adjust. From now on, we were almost permanently working from home. This meant that our beautiful office in Schloss Rahe in Aachen was lonely and largely deserted. So we decided that we could make it with fewer rooms and less space. The furniture that was too much was moved to our Hamburg office, so we were able to reduce ourselves to a single office space. We got along well with that, too. Until now.

Since May, our Aachen office has been used very regularly again. At least two days a week, the human resources consulting team meets there to exchange ideas. From time to time, the other colleagues also come in and the backoffice is also regularly back again. This creates more exchange – but also a higher noise level. However, since we want to continue to grow, we have now reached our limits. A new move was necessary. Larger offices including a kitchen became available in the same building and the decision was quickly made: We expand again! No sooner said than done. On August 29th, the time had come: Furniture was brought back from Hamburg to Aachen. With a total of seven colleagues, we were able to complete the move, which thankfully did not involve any stairs, in just about 2 hours. Now we have an office for the colleagues who are regularly present, an office with up to four workstations and a meeting room. And thanks to the small kitchen, we can now also store ice cream for the sunnier days 😊. Apart from a few small things, we already feel like we are coming home again.

Now we are equipped for the planned growth. We think the move was a complete success! But see for yourself, either by looking at the photos or by visiting us in our Aachen office!

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