Continuation of our come together series

In the continuation of our get-togethers, this time we made our way to the following:Aachen:

After we had fortified ourselves with gyros, currywurst and chips in a local chip shop, this time we went to an escape room. To prevent the imminent extinction of humanity by a virus, we had to travel through a portal into the future and had 70 minutes in a museum to find a scientist’s notebook with the formula for the remedy and return to the present. Unfortunately, the portal closed again shortly before we could hold the notebook in our hands and so we are now trapped in the future.

Despite this small failure, we had a lot of fun together and were able to strengthen our team spirit. It will definitely not have been the last escape room, as we were ambitious to successfully master the next one.


Last Thursday we had our come-together evening in Hamburg.

We met at the Hamburg office and then went via Großneumarkt, where we had a little “beer stop”, on to the Beach Club via Landungsbrücken.

Contrary to the weather forecast, we arrived safely at the Beach Club and were met by a beautifully laid table in perfect weather. There was finger food and drinks and we were all able to talk to each other again in a relaxed atmosphere. It was a very nice evening and we are already looking forward to our next meeting. Thanks again to Gerd for the great organisation and choice of location.

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