Come Together – in Aachen & Hamburg

Our next Come Together evenings took place in Aachen and Hamburg in May. We met up with our colleagues at the locations in a larger group when the weather was at its best and finally had a chance to talk in a relaxed atmosphere.

In Aachen, we went to the Forckenbeck restaurant. Over delicious food and refreshing drinks, we reported on our current projects and training courses and also exchanged a few private stories. After this rather quiet evening, we are already looking forward to the next meeting, as we have another sports activity planned. Want to know what we’re doing? We’ll tell you in the next post about the Come Together evenings 🙂

In Hamburg, we first went to our rooftop terrace at the new Hamburg office, where we enjoyed the view over Hamburg city centre, had our first after-work drink and were just happy to see each other again. We then went for a walk to the Portuguese quarter, where we enjoyed some delicious tapas.

The attentive observer may have noticed that our colleague Mohakiq was present at both events – if it fits thematically and we exchange ideas across locations, we always try to integrate the colleagues from the other location into our regional rounds, which is always especially nice, as we don’t see each other ‘in real life’ that often.

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