Growth in software quality

With Norbert Lack, ibc AG has gained a convinced tester since many years:

“I have a lot of experience in test automation and agile methods (Kanban even better than Scrum), but also in manual testing.

In addition, I have experience in requirements engineering (you need that in software testing anyway) and in project management.

I am flexible in terms of industries; so far I have worked in the public sector, automotive, retail and medical technology,

but I’m sure there will be new areas, soon. For me, (software)quality doesn’t start with testing, — not at all, when the product has been completely developed, — but already at the requirements analysis.

It is not enough that the product does what it was specified to do (=checked in verification), it must also do the right thing (=checked in validation) and be user-friendly”.

We are pleased to have won Norbert for ibc AG and wish him a lot of fun with his first project at ibc AG.